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The Texas Pyrotechnic Association (TPA) represents manufacturers, distributors and approximately 5,000 fireworks stand operators throughout Texas. Over the last several years, the TPA has increased fireworks safety and education efforts and has dedicated resources to working with counties to address firework risks.

Many Texas regions have experienced severe drought conditions in the past, increasing the risks of firework fire hazards. During such a period in 1996, the TPA and member companies voluntarily removed stick rockets and missiles with fins and rudders. These items traditionally comprise over 40 percent of retail fireworks sales. Recognizing broader participation was necessary to maximize public participation in the safety campaign, the association produced a series of public service announcements and safety brochures calling attention to safety precautions and the proper use of fireworks.

The use of legal fireworks has quadrupled over the past 20 years, while firework-related injuries have dropped 44 percent (according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission). Further, the number of firework-related fires has also stabilized or declined in recent years. Lower statistics can be credited to the improved quality of firework products, but incidents are still occurring as a result of misuse and abuse of the products. Additionally, national statistics and experience have shown that states with legal fireworks, and a coordinated means of regulating the sale and usage of these fireworks, actually have less occurrences of fireworks related injuries and fires than states which ban use.

The Fourth of July and the turn of the century festivities will bring forth an unprecedented use of fireworks in our country and worldwide. By combining efforts, the state fire service organizations and the fireworks industry can lower the risk of accidents by educating Texas citizens on safety and the proper use and handling of all fireworks.

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